Friday, September 09, 2005

settling in

after a short week, it seems we have settled into a schedule:
  • 07:00: wake up, roll over, listen for the boys, wonder what time it is.
  • 07:02: boys come into my room and bring their stuffed animals to me for the day's keeping
  • 07:07: brush teeth, get dressed, bathroom routine, waking up conversations
  • 07:17: breakfast and table talk
  • 07:37: pack up backpacks with lunches and folders
  • 07:45: find shoes and socks
  • 07:50: put on shoes and socks
  • 08:00: hugs and kisses on the way out the door with the car pool.
  • 15:45: make snacks for the table
  • 16:00: receive jax and boys to table and snacks and conversation
  • 16:20: wave good-bye to jax
  • 16:25: check folders for notes and homework
  • 16:30: homework or playtime (typically also when Tiger checks his email)
  • 18:15: make dinner
  • 18:30: set table and serve dinner
  • 18:45: eat dinner and talk
  • 19:15: clear table and do dished
  • 19:30: bath routine
  • 20:00: reading time
  • 21:00: lights out
is it nutsy that i feel comforted by this routine? is it even more nutsy that the children are? in any case, it is working and i feel more freedom than i have in quite some time. i'm looking forward to finding a job from 08:15 to 15:45 so i can continue this schedule even while working. i truly enjoy sending the children off and receiving them each day. perhaps it is the old-fashioned training we all received, but it feels wholesome and right.

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Aonghus said...

Nothing nutsy about that at all. Robert Heinlien once said something to the effect that the true purpose of society is to protect pregnant women and children; everything else is gravy. It may be a little “old-fashioned,” but in the end, what you are doing right now is what really matters. Just glad to be of some help in your efforts.