Wednesday, June 28, 2006

contractually speaking

The boys and i like to game, quite a bit. In respect for that, and out of respect for wanting to be able to keep gaming at home, without destroying the house through the common-enough game-driven entropy that is so often the side effect of gaming, i have created the contract below. The way i figure it, if we can't manage our electives, they will manage us, and that's not a very fun place to be when we come back to the real world. [Wouldn't it be nice to be able to point and click at the laundry and dishes? I mean, I just know i'm high enough level!]
Before gaming, I will:
  • Do my homework
  • Put away my toys
  • Put away my books, clothes, notebooks, etc.
  • Check the trash and take it out if need be
  • Complete my chore of the day
  • Check the dishes
  • Set out anything I need fo rthe next day
Gaming, like living in a house, is not free. Because I have the luxury of doing both, I will contribute $X to the household account (not to be used for gaming, as that comes out of one's allowance). I also understand that living in a house means interacting with the people in it. I will not game more than two hours a day, with the understanding that two hours of gaming is unlikely to happen on any weekday, given the above list of responsibilities.

This Contract is a representation of my willingness to remain a responsible person in our household. I do not expect anyone else to enforce it, and i promise to keep my word. I do expect that if i do not prove myself responible in these matters, I will no longer enjoy the privilege of gaming.
Yes, i do plan on printing it, letting them fill in the amount elected to the household maintenance fund, and having them sign it. Mine will be posted just above my laptop, since I sometimes need the not-so-gentle reminder.

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Aonghus said...

Nibs, you can just point and click on the dishes or the laundry; It's called The Sims, and it's a gaming addiction all its own.