Wednesday, April 05, 2006

the universe, the house, and the whole damned thing

Yesterday, as I was grinding coffee beans, the grinder quit. Just *poof* in the middle of it all. I groaned, thinking the grinder had given up the ghost, even though it was a mere 16 years old. [It was a wedding present from my first marriage. It's outlasted that marriage and the others, many relationships and moves, and still it's with me.] Then I noticed that nothing was working. A bigger groan escaped as I realized the electricity was out. Figuring I had spaced on paying my bill, I collected my phone, my credit card and searched up a bill. The date on the bill clearly read that i had until the beginning of May until late charges were assessed. I double checked: yup, May, 2006. by the time I got the electric company on the line, I was more than a bit confused. Apparently the company had turned off my utility by accident.

Instead of getting angry or frustrated, I took it as a sign from the universe. I paid my bill, was gracious and kind to the apologetic customer service representative, and assured her that as long as the electricity were restored by dinner, all would be well. She regretted that she couldn't gurantee a time.

I paid all my utilities in advance {not one to take the universe's message lightly} and then the boys and I sallied forth to replace the yard-sale microwave we picked up over three years ago. In the process, we stumbled upon Spider Man and Batman costumes, not only in the correct sizes, but on sale, no less. Later in the afternoon, we were in Fresh Market, selecting broccolini when Butch-the-produce-guy came up and asked spidey and the caped crusader for their autographs.

They were enthralled, of course, and obliged.

Fear not, Gotham City. You may sleep well and safely tonight.

With all the work we have done on the house, you would think there wouldn't be anything left to do but sit back and enjoy it. Wrong. We have worked to the bone again today. Where does all this stuff come from? Anyway, after a week, the laundry room is clean and folded and sorted once more. The dry cleaning is sorted out and awaiting drop off at the cleaners. The dishes are done, and i can see more of the dining room; just enough still remains that i feel as though i have dropped the ball somehow.

With a wind advisory on the horizon yesterday, I covered the tender tomato plants and wrapped towels around the fruit bushes. I uncovered them today and they seem much better for it all, and perked up mightiliy when given a drink. Jean-Luc continues to poke holes in the fence and i continue to nail the boards back in place. There has to be a better solution, but this is working for now -- it has sort of become a morning ritual for me.

When The Heroes and I went into the used bookstore on Grandin, they selected a book for me. Confessions of SuperMom was funny and light and a great foil to all this working thing we've been doing. There's still plenty left to do, but I feel confident that my team of superfriends and i can tackle it.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

good books, but weird

I'm reading Tim Powers' Last Call. It's a book about gambling and drinking and fate and life and magical meaning and the choices we make. it's amazing, but I can't seem to read much more than 25 pages without drifting off and having bizarre, important-seeming dreams which i can then, of course, not quite remember. Having won the world fantasy award (i din't even know there was such a thing) over a decade ago, I can't quite figure out why i haven't heard of the work or the author, but am glad to have it now. It ranks up there with Little, Big and American Gods.

Read at your own risk.

Monday, April 03, 2006

work day

Just as we finished our work today, the winds picked up. We tucked the garden plants in under sheets and towels and settled in to watch the first Horatio Hornblower story.

What a fantastic hero he is.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

The boys and I worked ourselves to near exhaustion on Saturday. By the time Wren and Allen showed up to pick up the dogs for our carpool to D&D, we were weary beyond belief. But there are several dozen new bulbs planted and the laundry is all clean and upstairs, mostly put away, even. Many thanks to Wren and Allen for not letting us become slugs in the den.

We sallied forth to Jax & Mags, and by the time we arrived, our attitudes had already started to improve. The dinner was wonderful and restorative as much as was the company. The dogs had a wonderful time, and we all enjoyed the campaign. After the boys were tucked in, we adults played Chez Geek, a game that had us in stitches until four a.m., which turned out actually to be five.

This morning dawned even more beautiful than yesterday, and breakfast was a calm, restful and delicious affair. After clean-up, I read and fell asleep on the sofa with Tiger and Cordelia while everyone else played outside. I hear a bubble wand sword was involved. I am so glad I went. I feel like a new person, ready to tackle the coming week. What a blessing to have such a great community.