Wednesday, July 20, 2005

hot hot hot

the weather is muggy and sticky, though nothing like what they are seeing in arizona. the boys and i have taken to reading in the late morning, then doing errands and such in the late afternoon or early evening. we went to jamison's orchard store yesterday, a place i used to go nearly weekly but somehow haven't visited in nearly three years. we bought fresh-picked corn, green beans, peaches, potatoes and even treated ourselves to some ginger crisps. i made mashed potatoes and an apple pie, took the boys over to my mom's where we lounged by the pool before eating and playing games. Tiger won clue, as usual, though mom and i were but a turn behind. mom is still reigning champion at yahtzee, and a good time was truly had by all.

i've reading Artemis Fowl: The Opal Deception today. somehow, with all the heat, anything heavier than harry and artemis are just too much. [a good thunderstorm could change my point of view in a second.]

the buisness of the house is sorting and storing: sorting through the stuff that seems to accumulate everywhere, donating or throwing out what we don't use, and storing the (hopefully few) things which remain. Tiger seems to have grown several inches all of a sudden, all in his legs. Dragon is now wearing the pants Tiger wore last year, and Tiger mostly wears shorts. i'm not going shopping for long pants until september, fearing he'll outgrow them by Hallowe'en if i buy them too soon.

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