Wednesday, July 06, 2005


Dragon and i ran errands this morning after dropping Tiger at summer camp. He is now the proud owner of a bank account at member one credit union, and glowingly proud to have 'my very own money.' we had lunch at wildflour and did a bit of browsing at ram's head books, selecting presents for Tiger's upcoming natal celebration. by the time we were done, the beach pictures were developed and printed; it's always interesting to see pictures the boys have taken, especially since it's more than evident how tall they are: this year, the adults have middles, whereas last year we had mostly just legs.

while i was visiting friends in callaway, i read Angels & Demons, and though i'm not a conspiracy theorist, the story itself is pretty compelling, and reads well. i'm reading The DaVinci Code at the moment, and though it's not as good a story (yet, at least), it's still fun summer reading. i considered picking up the summer of faulkner suggested by Oprah, but for now i'm sticking with Palahniuk and am looking forward to reading Diary: A Novel. i also have a bit of Terry Pratchett on loan from Jack, which should make this week's reading very satisfying.

and news of the weird: it seems my digital music collection now far outweighs my physical one. i think i need an iPod. how bizarre is that? next thing you know, i'll be buying a PSP.

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