Thursday, August 10, 2006

country matters

Today i made a big honking presentation at work. Thank the gods it seemed to go well. In fact, it went so well that i was done around ten. (think good employment thoughts for me, since i haven't heard anything official yet, even though they are including me in the planning for office space.)

After work i changed out of professional mode and went for a drive in the country, listening to Natalie McMaster. i saw and felt some of the most beautiful, restorive moments i can ever remember, and as much as i love my neighborhood, it was hard to come home and stay. i ended up writing quite a bit, and even though i wa frustrated, i realized that the true beauty of my house is that it is a home.

cat update: Artsie has graduated from bringing in gifts of crickets and moved on to birds. i thought i had finally convinced her that she needed to eat outside (and not on the dining table!). Then i finished writing the above paragraph and realized there are feathers underneath the table. Somehow, i think she would be equally happy moving out to some place with a creek.

I think we all would.


scully said...

You can visit us and our brook. No fish that I have seen, but I am sure there must be some sort of critters.

heidi said...

you know, that just might have to happen soonish. what's your schedule look like around thanksgiving? how about hosting the boys and me for the break?

scully said...

I hope you got my reply to this question in email, but just in case you didn't: thanksgiving sounds fine. We hate traveling during that time so we might as well have visitors :) keep us posted.