Thursday, August 31, 2006

many thanks

Many thanks to jax for listening to me ramble on last night into the wee hours of this morning, and especially for managing actually to follow the winding and twisted turns of my mind. [for the record, there is positively No One on our tail; our baffles are clear, sir.] i'm slowly unpacking, bag by bag. each bag is fetched because of a single item (first one: coffee; second one: face scrub. such are the priorities of my world.)

weird note: it seems my hair got noticably longer while i was away. or maybe my neck got shorter?

1 comment:

Aonghus said...

Nibs, it was no problem. I actually enjoy these conversations, even if they do leave me feeling like a zombie the next day. Your winding twisty turns are more entertaining than most peoples well rehearsed "witty" banter. - Jax