Wednesday, September 13, 2006


Michael loaned me the first season of Lost, swearing i would "be hooked in the first minute." While that has proved far from true, it has raised a few interesting questions and some food for thought (honestly, after the first episode i find the whole thing to be some far-fetched marriage of jurassic park and lord of the flies, and the acting directing and writing are predictable, but that's not important right now).

Question: You're on a plane that is going to crash on some random deserted, possibly uncarted island with lurking beasties who will maul you (but of course leave enough of a corpse to be horrific and gruesome to the cameras, probably suspended in a tree and at a werid angle). Forty-eight passengers will survive. Name five people you would like to have on the flight with you. List why you would like to have them, even if they might not be amongst the living; list the merits and liabilities of each personality if they are a survivor; and list what you think is the greatest contribution each would make, a galvinizing strength, if you will (even if it's just a better caliber of acting ability).

Me? I don't fly any more. I haven't flown in years, and the last time i flew (august 2001) was under great duress. I talked my coworkers into taking a rental car back from Jersey. Oops. i forgot about the trip to Ontario this past December. but then, it wasn't particulalry memorable.


heidi said...

ok, in the spirit of fairness, here are mine:

1. David. He's not only my man, he's the man. And i wouldn't want to be anywhere without him. even though he doesn't smoke, he might be the only other one with a lighter. definitely a team-builder.

2. Rob. Also high in the masculinity list, it would be nice to have someone to while away the night around the campfire arguing politics, at the island or back home. he'll likely have Helen along, but this is my list, not his (N.B. I'm sure she would be a fine addition tot he mix). Also, he would have another leatherman, which is always handy.

3. johnny. with all those electronics he has strapped on, he likely has a GPS. dood, that would so rock. and then there's the fact that he is just downright awesome and a Bad Ass Chinese Guy. every show should have one. He's also level-headed, as is David, and let's face it: an island with me and Rob could use some calm, good-natured common sense.

4. jaime. i know a lot of leos, but she is the epitome of the sign to me. also, she'll have a journal and books. she will not only record our stories, she can tell some. again, another level-headed, sensible type, and my right hand in girldom. neither of us will care if we shave. she can be our Activist, since i'm better at debate and rules than actually campaigning for causes; it's a rights thing.

5.Ted Kazinsky. The man could figure out where we are, plot a way to make bubblegum and loose wires transmit a signal, and ultimately get us off this forsaken piece of land before we were ever a miniseries, let alone a season or two. Face it, along with Tom Paine, he's one of my heroes (that doesn't mean i agree with his tactics, just for the record).

overall: a surprising list to me. well worth the time i spent thinking of it.

Karen said...

OK, if this is truly an uncarted island, then one of the people that has to be on my list is the Incredible Hulk.

No other way to move the Incredible Bulk around, man.

;p Love you,
-- mags

heidi said...

you are the coolest. but even if it IS uncarted as well as uncharted, with the folks in that list, we could make several.

heidi said...

serveral carts, that is.