Tuesday, October 17, 2006

random thoughts on a rainy day

Does cloned meat and its related products count as vegetarian? somehow i doubt it. No matter what, it's morbid and creepifying.

It's been rainy and grey all day and is supposed to continue. I am loving the autumnal weather and listening to Morphine, grooving on the saxaphone (as ever). Not only do i love sax, but it makes me think of Jaime. Why is it that she and i don't share an office again? I miss her terribly.

There are a few friends i made ten years ago who have been particularly wonderful in my life: jaime, johnny, jennifer. interestingly enough, i haven't spoken to any of them lately and i'm feeling the hole. Even though i have other friends, these Library Pals just can't be replaced. Julie definitely is on the list (these are friends that begin with 'j'), and our opposite schedules along with an hour commute aren't helping us get in touch. Rob is from nearly a decade before the library year, and whenever i hear Morphine i remeber that visit to Minneapoilis when we prowled around uptown and somehow it always seems the last time in my life before i was a Grown Up. I miss him too, and hope he's doing well in Ecuador. Why dont' we write more often? The universe is telling me to put in a bit more effort, i think.

October is pumpkin-carving time, the first of which happened that fateful library year, and i have no idea what became of the pictures of us on the steps with our little pumpkins, but it was fun and creative and connecting.

October is a time when i tend to get reflective (the weather helps) and evaluate where i am in life and where i want to go. I'm wrapping up some loose ends in my world, getting rid of things and relationships that Simply Don't Work, and investing more of myself into what does. Like the wind on an October night, it cuts deeply, but feels cool crisp and clean.

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