Thursday, May 19, 2005

a glorious, artful day

the art festival today was quite a grand affair. Dragon's group went first, and the children were delightful. tiger's class was impressive and interpretive and informative and fun and even got the director and her assistant involved. by the time the seminar students took the stage, i was totally blown away by the creativity and spirit. and the self-portrait work by the students was equally impressive, hanging in the art annex gallery, looking as much as a show as anything has. i was impressed, and can't wait to hang their latest creations on the wall.

we refreshed ourselves at the wildflour cafe before heading back to campus for the groundbreaking ceremony. cake was dished up just as the first drops fell, and we were all weary and happy. i'm looking forward to seeing the new classroom buildings next year, and the boys are just tickled to be part of the whole project.

progress on the house continues, even by small steps. the first coat of yellow is on the walls of the bathroom, and after having spent weeks deliberating over paint chips, i'm happy to report that it is Just The Right Shade. the mugginess has finally broken, lightening streaking the dark sky and thunder releasing my soul as i sip iced tea and read Eyes of Prey.

it's a great day.

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