Wednesday, May 18, 2005

happy wednesday

this morning we all slept in a bit, but despite the slower pace we got everywhere on time anyway. after dropping the boys, i was talking with Wizard about the arts festival tomorrow, and we got to talking about Community School in general. while we love the place, the atmosphere, and the outlook there, we are a bit disappointed in the lack of science and math emphasis. we're not taking the boys out of the program or anything, but, as Wizard said, "When is the science festival?"

exactly. so i've been thinking about volunteering to coordinate a science fair next year. the kids are certainly creative enough and have a go-to attitude, so i'm certain that with a little coaching, they would take the topics and run with them. what topics you ask? off the top of my head:
  1. take a beach ball: it's jupiter. what size of ball would be required to represent earth in scale?
  2. what is nanotechnology? use boards to make an introductory explanation.
  3. what is an earthship? design one and explain what makes it neat.
  4. what would it take to make a self-sustained, orbiting world? (see Tiger's fascination with his Space Colony One designs)
  5. why are rainbows an arc?
you get the idea. anyone out there want to be a coach for a few really cool kids? and you just know i'll be submitting pictures to slashdot.

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