Friday, May 13, 2005

rainy day friday

this morning, well before dawn, i felt the breeze blowing a gentle rain through the window and onto my sleeping body. it only just entered my dreaming awareness, and it was as though i could hear the flowers echo my sigh of relief. i woke up refreshed, if a bit introverted.

last night i went to the baronial business meeting and got reacquainted with ever so many folks that i haven't seen in forever. it was in a new location, one which allows for food, and the pot luck was amazing. afterward, several of us went to the tavern downtown for drinks and conversation, and it felt like old times, really, with the gentle and easy talk, the smiles, the summer night air.

the plastering and remodeling are now nearly done, and frankly i'm about worn out of living in a destruction zone, productive though it might be. once this is finished, the next work will only be a spring throwing out, since i the boys and i have grown out of much of the random stuff we have accumulated over the past few years.

a mouse ran by me this morning as i was making tea, ducking under the stove at just the last moment. i swear he startled me more than anything, since i haven't seen a mouse around here in ever so long. i nether eeeked nor jumped. i raised an eyebrow, looked sternly at the stove and told him "you're mighty brave to be scuttling through here with a big human in the room. but i warn you, you'll probably want to go outside when it dries up a bit. there's poison about."

Tiger has his first sleepover tonight. i'm pretending that i'm not nervous about it At All.

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