Wednesday, June 08, 2005


wow. there is something about fishing that totally restores me. all seems to be coming along nicely as the school year winds down and summer rears its sunny head. ethan graduated from being a tiger cub to being a wolf cub on monday, and i had end of the year conferences with both boys' teachers today -- just as i suspected, they are wonderful and brilliant and charming. :) the school celebration is tomorrow evening, and we are looking forward to an evening of artistic entertainment and enthusiasm.

when we aren't playing around or sorting through the remains of the house remodeling, we are putting things together for a Father's Day beach trip. The boys and i usually go to the beach at the end of august, just before school starts again, but we decided that we might need an extra one this year and are looking forward to playing in the surf.

i spent the day fishing yesterday with one of my friends, and we caught two fish, both rainbow trout. mostly, he does the casting and i do the reading of the river and love the fact that i'm in the water and out of the city. fishing is a glory. i keep walking around and randomly saying, all tickled, "we caught twooooo fish!"

fishing on a different front, i have applied for a technical writer position. here's hoping that the luck from the river holds.

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