Thursday, June 02, 2005

one liners

B'Trey writes Does this mean I get to wear a cool fedora and carry my distro CDs in a violin case?

When i read Jon Katz's Geeks, there was one line that never left me, even though the whole book is worth reading: "We run the systems that run the world." It's true you know, and becoming more true every day. Right now i'm really giving the idea of what i want to do with my life a serious look. The boys are in school, and more than ever i feel as though i can make decisions again, not only that i can, but that i must.

Some of the candidates in the running are:
  • Acquisitions librarian
  • Systems librarian
  • Forensic nurse, preferably pediatric
  • Forestry
  • Linux system adminstration
Kind of all over the board until you realize that i'm looking for something that involves detail, is a semi-autonomous or autonomous job, and involves puzzles or big pictures.

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