Friday, June 03, 2005


today the tile is being laid in the dressing room, and tomorrow the grout is being put in. could it finally come to pass that the destruction is just about over? i need to paint the office, the kitchen, and the dining room ceiling, deal with Donate Mountain and begin putting my house and my life back together.

small bites, but it looks as though the end is in sight.

notes: i think the kitchen will be a venetian red. the office and the downstairs bathroom will be pale yellow. yes, i'm still putting the blackboard paint back up, even over the new plaster.

i'm sick enough of remodeling that i think the tile for the kitchen, the tile and standing shower for the laundry room, and the roof for the deck are simply going to have to wait a year or so. the most i feel i can commit to doing at this point is putting gas logs in the fireplace, and even that probably won't happen until october.

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