Tuesday, July 11, 2006

follow up

Future Boy's article on San Francisco planned walking neighborhoods tells an account that is both interesting and possibly very lucrative, all while being better on the environment. Walking neighborhood development is quite the industry, and one I would rate as a Very Good Investment. Of course, i haev to disclose that i already feel that way, and bought a house in a walking neighborhood for that very reason. The only real thing that will work against such neighborhoods is the inherent laziness that we have come to evince as a group. When one lives in a walking neighborhood, it doesn't make good sense to drive to the mall to shop: not only does such activity go against The Plan, it also leaves neighborhood businesses without the business they require to stay in business. While it's a nice feeling to have participated in the local economy, it is also very good sense. Communities that thrive have lower crime rate, and property values continue to rise. All that and hand-dipped ice cream, too. What could be better?

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