Thursday, August 04, 2005

and what a night it was

soup night was a ball. really. not only did i have a marvelous time connecting with members of my household, you should have seen us playing cranium (the turbo edition, even!) after eating. kn0w1, tiger and wizard teamed up, despite wizard being prety sore from recent martial arts. tree enjoyed not being The New Girl in the aching-and-sore department, and gave wizard good natured grief. Tree and I teamed up with Dragon, and Jack and Mags teamed up on their own, all to great success. I have no idea who was ahead, and i don't really think any of us cared. it was a grand time.

girl time with tree on the porch was far overdue. we stayed up until tweet-tweet o'clock, and i'm glad we did.

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Aonghus said...

Mags and I just wanted to say thanks for hosting. We ended up staying up waaaaay too late (like that's anything new) and being really zombified the next day, but would do it all over again in a heartbeat.

Looking forward to next week.