Saturday, August 06, 2005


required viewing: the vagina monolouges. no. i'm not kidding. it is amazing and funny and true.

i've also seen walking tall, which is great with popcorn, and aviator, which is weird and disturbing and ever so well done. i actually don't know much about Mr. Hughes, and have been inspired to learn more.

i read Transgressions yesterday and it is taught, compelling, and well-written. as summer reading goes, this will please even the most literate amongst us. nicely done, with psychological twists and turns to please all.

i'm about birthday partied-out. Dragon's birthday looms on the horizon, and typically i am wiped. when we came home from tiger's skate-and-swim shindig yesterday, i was sweaty and cranky and trying to decringe from the chaos. as we got out of the car, the two children who recently moved in two doors down were on their bikes near our house. we ended up introucing ourselves, making friends, and playing together for a fine hour or so. while the children played, i talked with their father, telling him about the other children on the street. while i was talking, i noticed two things: 1: we have an extrodinary amount of young children living here now and 2:they all live on our side of the street. given all the youth, i'm considering having a block party for dragon's celebration, tying balloons around and hauling out rootbeer and inviting everyone to just get together, talk and play. to heck with this sit-down, in-my-house thing. we live in a village for a reason.

this afternoon, irk and i are going to take in Must Love Dogs down at the grandin while the boys play at the pool.

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