Monday, August 01, 2005

media this week

a few nights ago i watched Love Me If You Dare, a witty and charming recent french film, and caught myself not merely laughing but actually giggling out loud several times. I was wholly fetched by it. recent books include Palahniuk's Haunted which, while well-written, left me wonderfing if i was so dense i had missed the point. Perhaps it will come to me with some distance, since most of his novels speak volumes to me, especially Diary: A Novel which i recently finished. Markoe and Prieboy's The Psycho-Ex Game is at least as hip and engaging as promised, and had me hooked the whole way through. Up next are Robert Shultz's The Madhouse Nudes and Andrea di Robilant's A Venitian Affair. I have some Nabokov en route from amazon, and am looking forward to it. I certainly have been going through the books this summer, and i confess that it has been glorious.

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