Friday, August 19, 2005

the beauty of the rain

is how it falls.

finished up with High Fidelity, and as much as i was won over by the whole of it, the last twenty pages or so were brilliant and charming and endearing. it's a man's book, and one everyone can enjoy. i'm now through the poem section of Nabokov's Pale Fire. Oddly enough, i read poetry more slowly than i read prose, especially good petry, and this is. i like words, i like it when words paint, when the form of them and the sound of them does more than simply sit on the page, but becomes a landscape, a lyric. it does all of this, but it speaks, as well. after nearly a thousand lines, i felt not only drained, but also filled. though i understand that the "commentary" which follows is nabokov's fictional charater as well, making the whole work actually a novel, but there's a hug part of me that wants to stop right here and call it done.

i've also finished the first season of MI-5. brilliant. what is it about the british shows that engages me so much? it has to be more than the odd clothes and accents. i mean, it does, doesn't it?

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