Friday, August 12, 2005

soup night update

Soup Night shenanigans left me a bit zombified yesterday, but it was a lovely time. i am thrilled to discover gazoacho soup, courtesy of Magpie's wonderful efforts. When i found out how fast and easy it was, i nearly fell over. the garnishes and freshnes of the dish are astonishing. i recommend it.

julie and alan attended, along with the rest of the family, and we had a good time playing girls-against-boys for the Cranium Match. the boys won, but i find it a bit unfair that they got clue like "Stephen Hawking" and defining WiFi. Our turn next time, ladies!

i have finished up The Faerie Wars, and admit it is a really fun read. comnbining mythology, science and magic, it's a great follow up to the Half-Blood Prince. this morning i started The Madhouse Nudes, a book written entirely as one-sided letters, which is intriguing already. i'm not far into it, but Schlutz is doing a great job of heekipng me hooked on the story. lighter fare yesterday including watching Coach Carter and The United States of Leland, different, b ut both enjoyable. i found USofL thoughtful while Coach was typically inspiring and a-soaring-triumph-of-the-human-spirit-and-the-power-of-positive-disciple.

the boys now have their own netflix queue, and i tihnk that i'll need to expand my netflix account beyond the current two-at-a-time (unlimited) since it seems to take forever to get the next installment now.

i'm looking forward to watching the fifth season of Oz with Irk once he gets back from pennsic and i get back from the beach and before he goes off to Basic Training in Fort Benning. once he gets out of there, he'll be based in Germany, with a "highly deployable" heavy infantry unit. we all know what that means, and i wish him well and will keep him in my thoughts. be that as it may, if we are going to get to see this together, i'm going to need to be able to have more than one netflix disc at home at a time. bring on the popcorn.

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