Monday, August 08, 2005

happy birthday, jaime

on a monday no less. i hope jaime has a beautiful and satisfying year to come, filled with love and laughter. i miss having my school sisters closer to me. this past few months especially, the physical distance between me and jaime, jennifer and keira has been particularly noticeable.

the boys and i have a busy-but-mundane day ahead of us, including co-oping, visiting the orchard store, heading to the pool once it gets hot again. i am halfway through The Venetian Affair, and have received a shipment from amazon of three more tomes. i have enjoyed my summer of reading and movie-watching immensely, but am still looking for employment for this coming september. while there seem to finally be job postings in my field and in my location, the number of applicants for each position is staggering. still, it's a good sign, and i'm not ready to take up residence in the Cubicle Farm for another month or so.

According to my konfabulator countdown, it's only sixteen more days until our second beach trip. we can't wait. (it will be konfabulous.)

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